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East Trinity Trails July Newsletter

East Trinity Trails July Newsletter

East Trinity Trails June Newsletter


  • A HUGE THANK YOU to Pippin Arthur & Melanie Deman for last week's excellent Cub Twilight Camp! A lot of Scouts were seen having a lot of fun & the program was beyond compare! If you were a parent or leader who came out A HUGE THANK YOU to you as well. It was a little chaotic at times, and many of you helped the staff out during the event itself. Thank you for your dedication to the boys. We hope to see you next year!


  • Popcorn season is upon us once again! Please contact Michael Hall your friendly neighborhood District Executive or Phillip Norton, our district popcorn chair to sign up! Great Scouting happens when we all sell! Last year, we were able to sell over $140,000 which went to make the program happen not just in our communities, but Dallas as a whole. Our new vendor, Campmasters, is excited to work with each & every one of you. Sign up today!!


  • Remember to stay active!! There's lots of great activities to do in the summertime! Go on field trips! Go hiking! Do that service project that you always wanted for the local church, school, or park that's been on your list forever!


  • There's no Roundtable in June, so we will see you in August at the Heath LDS building at 7:30 on August 9th.


  • If you have a Pack meeting or other event let me know and I will come out to see you! I love to see Scouting in action & I want to get around to each Pack, Troop, and Crew if I can. 


Thank you everyone for what you do for the Scouts. They may not thank you yet, but one day they'll look back on their days in uniform and thank the stars that they had you right next to them.